Special Applications

Industry Applications, ECR Ion Source Magnets, Gyrotrons, Energy Storage (SMES), Fusion

Magnets and magnet systems are manufactured for special applications according to the customer's specification and needs.


140 GHz Gyrotron Magnet
Gyrotron magnet
Superconducting Hexapole
  • Superconducting and normal conducting magnets are offered for industrial applications
  • Superconducting magnet systems combining hexapoles and solenoids for plasma ion sources
  • Superconducting solenoids for Megajoule applications for energy storage (SMES)
  • Analytical design for large-scale fusion magnets (Wendelstein 7X, ITER)

Projects which were performed under contract with industry and research institutions are:


  • Hexapole / Solenoid CEA
  • Magnets for Chemical Industry 
  • Toroidal Filed Model Coil for ITER
  • 2 MJ SMES
  • HTS based Fault Current Limiter